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How to boost your day trading with tick charts

How to boost your day trading with tick charts. This is how to get YEARS of tick data for testing.Read More »

How to eliminate "crowd slippage" from your trades

Suffering from bad fills. Here's your cure. You're welcome...Read More »

The rubber band trade

When I was a kid, I used to make rubber band guns out of a stick and clothespins. I'm sure our pals in the government are probably working on legislature to ban them as we speak. After all, they can be used to shoot those pesky spiders that like to hang out in hard to reach places. Over the past two sessions, I've been reminded of the time (OK, many times) where I stretched a rubber band to far...and it broke and gave me a good sting. Sometimes the markets are like that. Stretch 'em too far and they break. Here's how to profit from that fact...Read More »

Why I almost threw my computer out the window

You ever get frustrated...to the point where you want to take your computer to the highest floor and chuck it out the window? Or just sit there and play Tetris and stop giving a damn? That's how I felt when designing my latest trading model. But all that frustration melted away to joy when the [...]Read More »

New leader for $25,000 prize

As I'm sure you know, I'm holding a contest for the "best of the best" trading system designers. I'm ponying up $25,000 for whoever wins the contest (and prizes for 2nd-4th). Our new leader is Emanuele Frisa with "30MinutES" and a Quant Score of 324! Emanuele also won last week's contest for any 10x Trader system from our catalog. Nice job for getting this system done so quickly.Read More »

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